HospiX for homes - So your residents do not have to go without internet

HospiX as a solution for retirement homes: Provide your residents with more quality of life and higher flexibility

Everything for the satisfied resident

  • Easy and fast internet access
  • Pleasant and high grade phone connection quality
  • With the "Multi-PIN" your residents can use the internet access via notebook, smartphone and/or tablet simultaneously.
  • High safety Standard
  • Fair tariffs, easy billing
  • Free phone calls to other residents (within the institution)

Everything for the satisfired operator

  • Economic expansion (of services) due to tailored solution packages
  • Inobtrusive type of installation without disturbing the residents
  • Billing by advanced payment with low administrative expenses and risk
  • Short payback time
  • Additional source of income
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 "Installation was very uncomplicated. The residents hardly noticed anything. Costs are automatically billed with the montly invoice of the residents. Full amortisation within twelve months is absolutely realistic."
Mr Müller, Retirement Home Kurfürstenbad, Karlsbad



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