HospiX Open - The premium management system for communications services in accommodation facilities.

Supports an efficient use of communications solutions

The basic functions are as follows:

  • Dual billing system
    for efficient recording and accounting of communications costs for telephone and internet.

  • Management-Reports
    as a controlling instrument and to document communications traffic of all substations.

  • Comfortable service functions
    with a customized feature set for highest customer satisfaction.

Overview of the most important performance features:

  • Check-In/Check-Out (for groups also)
  • Class of service change-over of extension lines
  • Accounting according to flexible tariff model
  • Invoice printing
  • Intermediate invoices
  • PMS-Integration
  • Wake-up call (in connection with HiPath 3000 or extension HospiX Voice)
  • Name setting for caller identification
  • Room status
  • System connection
  • Multi-user

With the integrated interface HospiX Open controls exchange of data between the telephony system and sectoral administrative systems (e.g. FrontOffice systems (PMS).

HospiX Open is the ideal solution for medium-sized and large accommodation facilities
(hotel, clinic, hospital, nursing home etc.).

Supported telephone systems: Aastra, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Unify and so on (s. Interfaces)

We developed a billing model for HospiX Open to support the hotelier with active telephone tariff marketing. Due to this the hotelier is able to invoice the guests’ phone calls – minute based and therefore conformal to the price, fair and transparent.

Therefore using the room telephone is more favourable for the foreign guest than using the mobile phone. The software allows adjusting recommended tariffs.

Download data sheet: HospiX Open



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