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Chart of Supported Products and Operating Systems (issue date: 19.01.2023)

Please note our information about discontinuation of older products from 10.06.2021.

Currently we support the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Please note that "Home" editions of operating systems will not be tested and therefore do not get support.

The products currently released (as of June 2022) have additional information after the version number B740.

For compatibility reasons with latest operating systems and PBX versions the following software releases are at least required.

Caution: a license key is required to upgrade from an earlier major release. Please do not install across existing software unless you are sure you have such a license. In doubt please call your support an hold the serial number ready.

  • TeleData: V7.00 B724
  • PhoneStat: V4.00 B724
  • Octopus Accounting: V5.00 B724
  • HospiX Entry: V3.00 B724
  • HospiX Open: V3.01 B724
  • HospiX Care: V2.00 B724

The following previous versions have been discontinued and are only supported by MSI to a limited extent. Functional extensions through additional licenses require an upgrade to the current product version. If the PBX or the operating system is updated, an upgrade to the current version is usually necessary (see above).

  • TeleData: V6.40 B630
  • PhoneStat: V3.40 B630
  • Octopus Accounting: V4.10 B630
  • HospiX Entry: V2.10 B630
  • HospiX Open: V2.10 B630
  • HospiX Care: V1.10 B630

The software versions TeleData V6.2x, PhoneStat V3.2x, Octopus Accounting V3.xx, HospiX Entry/Open V1.xx, HP34C V1.xx and older got the status end of life and are supported only in exceptional cases.
Maybe there's an upgrade to the up-to-date product version. Please contact your sales partner for further information.

Two types of support for distribution partners

we will gladly support you with our products.

In order to avoid unnecessary call backs and delays, please choose the desired service and fill out the respective order form. We offer two types of support:

Order form MSI support - once
Support ticket for up to half an hour support

Please give us the following information on the order form, so we are able to estimate the expected effort:

  • General description of the problem
  • Name of contact person, phone number if applicable
  • For what kind of product do you need support
  • What kind of telephone system (PBX) is present
  • If you use HospiX products, is there a Front Office System (PMS) present, and if yes what kind
  • Is it a single user or client/server installation

Order form MSI support - multiple
Support ticket package with licences for 10 x 15 min. support
Invoicing will be based on actual time in 15 minute steps. You may use the support tickets for different projects.

Our support procedure

If you request technical support, please proceed as follows:

  • Identify your support need.
  • Place your order.
  • Follow the instructions on the order form.
  • Download the remote maintenance software PC-Visit with the following link:
  • If you have a MSI support ticket package please keep it ready.

To avoid unnecessary delays when implementing, please provide the following on the implementing date :

  • Software and licences
  • Prepared remote maintenance access with the software mentioned above.
  • Knowledge about the configuration/IP adresses of the systems such as telephone system/PMS/server/client(s)
  • access to all systems on which the software is to be installed
  • a list of extensions or rooms
  • what kind of tariff model is to be used for calculating

Please note

With the help of remote maintenance software we are able to support you via telephone and remote access to your PC. But we need your approval first in order to have access to your desktop and to take software control if necessary.

MSI TeleSolutions accepts no liability for technical faults for which it is not responsible, even if these technical faults occur around the time when the support is provided.

For all other products not mentioned above, support is disontinued. This also applies for providing tariff tables for these products.

If you are interested in support for older products, we offer our service. Please use the order forms for support as well.



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