TeleData Pro

Call Accounting Solution for Large Systems and Networks

TeleData can be connected to the acommon telephony systems Thereby operation by only one PBX is possible as well as central capture and analysis of communication data in PBX networks. TeleData comes as standard with the most efficient Carrier Database on the market. The number of participants and subsidiaries is fully scalable.

The software is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian

The new generation of the software offers a customised scope of service with optional enhancements.
Performance Enhancement Prof/Web:
With enhancement Prof/Web, the user receives additional functions for professional accounting. The associated time-savings of these analyses increase economic efficiency.

The organisation levels may be reorganised from three levels (department, participant, port) up to the complex structure of five levels. The individual levels may be named according to the organisation.
Configuration of various layouts may be done (with user authorisation).
In order to simplify working with the evaluation system, there is the possibility of predefining a non-limited number of reports. These reports can be authorized per user. The previews may be changed at any time.
Automatic evaluation assures the performance of predefined reports at desired times automatically (time interval, daily, weekly, monthly etc.). Automatic evaluation runs on the computer as a service.
All evaluations respectively reports can be sent via e-mail and be saved as HTML or XML file in order to process data in other applications or external web-servers. This may also be carried out automatically (time-controlled) via automatic evaluation.
TeleData provides a HTTP/web server as a service. The reports that are set up in HTML format are retrievable via this server and results may be shown to the registered user on his internet browser.

Performance enhancement Client-Server:
The performance enhancement Client-Server enables the operation in client-server mode. This is necessary if it is desired to use the program at multiple workplaces.


Product Information TeleData Pro

Product Information TeleData Office

Demoversion: TeleData (16 MB)

Please note: TeleData is suitable for analysing communications data of PBX of several producers. Scope of service may vary depending on kind of PBX, version and programming respectively configuration. Please contact your retailer for detailed information.


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