HospiX Entry - Efficient cost management for hotels

Old source of funds rediscovered: the room telephone

Mit Due to HospiX Entry room telephones can be reactivated to achieve a profit margin. Fair and transparent minute based prices are preconditions.

Many guests use their mobile phones instead of the room phone; therefore the telephone system is often seen as a „necessary evil“. HospiX Entry offers the requirements to reverse this trend and convince the guests to use the room phone through targeted tariff marketing.

A final farewell to tariff units is necessary: Since the revision of price regulation in July 2004 the lawmaker dictates minute based pricing. Non-observance of this may impose fines
up to 25.000 €.

Overview of the most important performance features:

  • Check-In/Check-Out (groups as well)
  • Authorisation change-over of substations
  • Accounting based on a flexible tariff model
  • Invoice printing
  • Intermediate invoices
  • Wake up calls
  • Name entry for caller identification
  • Setting of Room status

Supported telephone systems: Aastra, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Panasonic, Unify and so on (s. Interfaces)

Download data sheet:HospiX Entry

We developed a billing model for HospiX Entry to support the hotelier with active telephone tariff marketing. Due to this the hotelier is able to invoice the guests’ phone calls – minute based and therefore conformal to the price regulations, fair and transparent.

This way, phone calls using the room telephone are more favourable than using the mobile phone. The software allows adjusting recommended tariffs.



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